The Wingate Way

Wingate’s success is built upon our deep belief in and adherence to The Wingate Way – a way of operating and being that keeps the interests of our co-investors and business partners at the centre of all that we do.


Building a community of
 co-investors requires consistent performance, trusted relationships and a commitment to core values. There is no shortcut to building a multi-year track record.


Deep domain knowledge underpins our investment approach. We have a deep understanding of market cycles and employ effective systems and processes to actively manage risk.


We start with a risk assessment and do not proceed if we cannot gain comfort. We strive to identify and understand all risk and then take active steps to reduce it. Only then do we focus on returns.


We participate in all Wingate investments, ensuring our interests are aligned. We look after our investors’ money as if it is our own.


We are driven by long-term, trusted relationships. We feel a deep sense of personal responsibility and pride in the performance of our investments.