Wingate is guided by a measured approach to risk and an uncommon sense of responsibility to its co-investors, partners and clients. Our consistent performance over an extended period has built deep partnerships, trust and a reputation for delivery.

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We are driven by long-term, trusted relationships. We feel a deep sense of personal responsibility and pride in the performance of our investments.

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Wingate is a leading private markets finance and investment house focused on innovative, agile, risk-aware financial services businesses.

Character is destiny.
Why Wingate is distinctively different.

“Wingate’s success is built upon our deep belief in and adherence to The Wingate Way – a way of operating and being that keeps the interests of our co-investors and business partners at the centre of all that we do. We strive at Wingate to enlarge and enrich the lives of those with whom we interact.” – Farrel Meltzer, Founder


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