Wingate is a leading Australian private markets finance and investment house with global reach. Our success is built on our ethical approach, deep capabilities in debt and our capacity to inspire trust in our partners. We are guided by a measured approach to risk and a deep sense of responsibility to our co-investors, partners and clients.

Wingate launched over fifteen years ago with a vision to revive the old European family merchant banking tradition, based on personal investor relationships. This meant bringing an unusually measured approach to risk into a market riding high on buoyant returns. It proved a difficult time to find assets with the risk profile and price to fit that approach and the business expanded slowly. After securing advisory deals and boutique financing’s, 2005 saw expansion into asset management.

Wingate’s prudent investment approach and focus on risk meant that the Group entered the Global Financial Crisis conservatively and cautiously positioned. Consequently, Wingate was able to substantially accelerate its investment performance during and post the GFC and to enter asset classes others had been forced to exit. This resulted in rapid growth in the Group’s range of activities and funds under management in the ensuing years.

Wingate’s exceptional performance track record and deeply committed business approach have been independently recognised by the market.

  • WIP Funds surpass $700m.
  • Wingate’s Property team continues to ensure 100% capital preservation since inception.
  • As of the June 2018 update, all WIP Funds continue to generate double-digit returns.
  • Wingate Consumer Finance receives over $1B of loan applications since its launch less than 5 years ago.
  • Wingate Property approaches $2b in investment across $8b in property value
  • Wingate Consumer Finance originates over $126 million in loans, a 121% increase on CY2016. Loan origination surpasses $250 million since launch in late 2014
  • Co-investor confidence in Wingate Consumer Finance is evidenced by the successful raise of further equity capital to support their ongoing growth and expanding loan book. The loan book totalled more than $150 million as at 31 December 2017
  • Wingate’s flagship investment fund, the Investment Partners Trust, sees continued strong demand and inflows with funds under management exceeding $450m
  • Growing demand from co-investors sees Wingate’s Sydney office expand further with the appointment of an Investor Services executive and a move to new premises
  • Wingate Asset Management’s Global Equity Fund attracts major new investment to see it exceed $300m in Funds Under Management
  • Wingate Property negotiates the sale of a large scale commercial property at 70% above original cost with investor returns materially exceeding original forecasts
  • Wingate partners with the Smorgon Family to acquire a significant share in Australia’s largest and rapidly expanding private co-working provider, Hub Australia
  • Wingate acquires a strategic stake in Quickfee, a niche financier providing specialist professional fee funding
  • Wingate invites Paul Rizzo, a highly respected and experienced financial services executive, to Chair the Investment Committee for the Wingate Investment Partners Trusts.
  • Funds under management in the Wingate Investment Partners Trusts exceed $250m and continue to yield double-digit returns
  • Wingate Asset Management execute the buyout of Australian Unity’s shareholding and appoint a new Chairman, Geoff Tomlinson
  • Wingate and the Smorgon family partner to create Australia’s largest digital marketing health channel
  • Wingate Consumer Finance acquire MacCredit, a leading Australian originator in the medical and dental segment
  • Wingate Consumer Finance launch a secured personal loan product, distributed through a national network of over 1,700 brokers
  • Wingate’s commitment to Gold Coast developments exceeds $125m
  • Wingate Consumer Finance experiences ongoing growth of over 200% in its personal loan book
  • Wingate Consumer Finance has ongoing success originating multiple new investor note programs and successfully launches its first dedicated institutional note program
  • Zenith upgrades Wingate Global Equity Funds to ‘Recommended’
  • Wingate secures a majority stake in Byron Bay’s biggest commercial development in decades
  • Sanitarium and Wingate form a joint venture to take on the UK breakfast market
  • Wingate Investment Partners Trust No. 3  opens and total funds in the Wingate Investment Partners Trusts surpass $200m
  • Property investment exceeds $1bn in aggregate across more than $5bn in property value
  • Wingate Consumer Finance successfully raises further equity capital to fund its robust growth
  • Wingate Consumer Finance solidifies its position as a leading Australian marketplace lender with book growth of over 240%
  • Wingate Asset Management awarded significant investment mandate by one of Australia’s largest corporate superannuation funds
  • Wingate Consumer Finance rolls out a number of new investor note programs to fund its growing receivable book
  • Leading Australian asset consultant approves Wingate Asset Management for institutional investment
  • Research house Lonsec awards WAM ‘Recommended’ rating
  • Wingate opens Wingate Investment Partners Trust No. 2 (WIP2) and total WIP funds surpass $100m
  • BT Financial Group adds WAM’s global equity fund to model portfolios
  • Wingate Property exceeds $4bn in assets financed
  • Wingate Consumer Finance finalises its first bank funding warehouse and successfully launches its initial investor note program
  • Wingate Asset Management approved for institutional investment by one of the world’s leading asset consultants with over $2 trillion under advice
  • Strategic investor buys equity stake in Wingate Consumer Finance
  • Aviva Investors completes extensive diligence and awards mandate to Wingate Property
  • WIP1 re-opens amidst strong market demand
  • Research house van Eyk awards WAM investment grade rating
  • Wingate Consumer Finance successfully launches its point-of-sale and broker distribution channels
  • Research house Morningstar awards Wingate Asset Management investment grade rating
  • Major Asian families begin co-investing with Wingate
  • Wingate Investment Partners Trust No. 1 is launched and is heavily oversubscribed
  • Wingate Consumer Finance is established and obtains its Australian Credit Licence
  • Safika Holdings acquires equity stake in Wingate Group Holdings
  • Safika commits capital to Wingate private equity investments via the establishment of a dedicated investment vehicle
  • JP Morgan co-invests in a Wingate – originated landmark mezzanine property debt investment to fund a $300m + acquisition, subsequently successfully exited
  • Major family offices from around the world take up equity in Wingate Group Holdings